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  • 13.11.2019
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Samugar | 14.11.2019
You don't have too stay. You are not in love and right now you feel resentful. Take that and go on with your own life. The way I see it is if his family were good enough to hide his cheating they are good enough to take care of him. You don't owe anyone anything except yourself. He probably got cancer because he is cancer. Go live your life now. Enjoy your freedom and Don't give in and feel guilty. If the shoe were on the other foot he wouldn't stay to help you. He didn't give two shits about you while he was cheating. He wouldn't care if you had cancer either. #Live #laugh and #love someone else.
Mogrel | 18.11.2019
Share me your Kik I'd ?
Kagabei | 19.11.2019
I would pay big cash for a movie of hornyloneliss get vagina pounding stiffer then she ever had had the chance to get finer now I got to see some hard core thick clock hit that vagina 2 death
Akilar | 21.11.2019
New to public service, but also new to her father and his campaign and all the right wing mefia ranting about Mrs. Clintons misuse of her privat email server?
Zujin | 22.11.2019
Yes! I need to watch the new one.

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