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  • 04.12.2020
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Gardagul | 08.12.2020
trying to get a session in atlanta :D holla at ya boy
Arashirr | 08.12.2020
Seeing as how the Democrats won half of less than the Republicans won in similar midterms I would say that all of that money isn’t really doing them that much good. Complaints about money at one time was an argument we heard from the Democrats. I agree with you regarding the undemocratic ways of the left however arguing that the Democrats bought elections does not seem to hold water. Perhaps in a few specific cases it could be argued that extra money did make a difference but in general their blue-green wave fell surprisingly flat.
Tojazil | 13.12.2020
Look at the pose at 18:40. She is awesome.please tell me what do you call those pose?A ideal butt , hips and figure

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