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  • 01.04.2022
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Mammogram showing breast cancer photos

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Mile | 05.04.2022
I doubt we will have civilian transport available yet, even in 100 years
Nijinn | 06.04.2022
Ty for the add sweetheart ;)
Meztitaur | 07.04.2022
Buen culitooo que ricoo
Samuzil | 09.04.2022
I get the fact that you like and appreciate that golden rule. It really is a helpful principle for folks, whether they claim to be religious or not. By the way, can you identify those atheist groups during the past 400 or so years comprehensively teaching that to folks? If there were some, you would be celebrating that, right? Why would you not celebrate not just the nice lady donating her time, or the Hindu's teaching that, but the millions of Judeo/Christians in your own culture who have been doing that which undoubtedly influenced you? I mean, you rip the negative influences why not credit the positive ones?
Zulkilar | 11.04.2022
Handmaid's Tale returns in June!! WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOT!

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