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  • 26.04.2021
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Tozilkree | 26.04.2021
Yes I say you race bait. You make it about race before examining the motives. You say racism can exist without the intent just by following the customs. You say without hurtful actioms, the mere thought and attitude even if not shared with others is racism. I see it as antennas out to be offended, get offended, fuss at people who are not as enlightened and correct as you. Yeah and I have seen you do it repeatedly. I have seen you enter a discussion without big strife and throw gasoline on it and make it a racist thing when it previously to you arriving wasn't.
Nishakar | 01.05.2021
They rely entirely on the civility of the law.
Nelkree | 02.05.2021
They don't always look in my eyes when I jizz but I love watching them concentrate on my dick leaping in their throats right before it blows out my fountain, thats when their cheeks drown in.
Shakadal | 03.05.2021
I'm the awkward hugger. My family doesn't hug. My wife's family is all hugs all the time. I feel like the cat in Pepe La Pew cartoons.
Mikajin | 06.05.2021
I'm too Like sex hard

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